Breedings And Litters


Please Read Entirely Before Contacting

1: We guarantee the survival of all of our kits for 72 hours after leaving our farm. All kits leaving will come with a week supply of feed, we recommend using the same as ours. If you are unable to purchase the same, a similar quality and weaning process will be explained if needed. 

2: We will not take deposits on rabbits. We cannot guarantee survival and therefore will not allow deposits to be made. 

3: Payment is required upon pickup of rabbit, in full. If you are unable to pay in full at that time, the rabbit will remain at our farm until payment has been fully paid.

4: If your rabbit has succumb to illness or has passed, a full refund will be rewarded back to the family.

5: If you are unable to continue to care for your pet, the animal can be purchased back to the farm for half of the price it was purchased for.


6: All of our rabbits are bred for showing purposes and therefore are priced as such. We do not breed for monetary benefit but for the benefit of the breed. If you do not plan to breed your rabbit, a small discount may be applied for pet only.


7: All of our rabbits are pedigreed and vet checked for quality and health.  If you are purchasing as a pet, a pet pedigree will be presented at time of purchase. 

For further questions please feel free to contact us!





Available Litters



Ace (Black) X Aruba (Ruby-Eyed White)

DOB: 02/13/2021

Available Kits: Ruby-Eyed White (Sex to be determined) - $50.00

                            Ruby-Eyed White (Sex to be determined) - $50.00

Ace (Black) x Blue Jean (Blue)

DOB: 02/15/2021

Available Kits: Black (Sex to be determined) - $60.00

                            Black (Sex to be determined) - $60.00

                            Ruby-Eyed White (Sex to be determined) - $50.00

                            Blue (Sex to be determined)  - $75.00 Sale Pending

                            Blue (Sex to be determined)  - $75.00 Sale Pending

Upcoming Litters


None At This Time

Upcoming Litters

English Lops

Thumper (Broken Chinchilla) Sire


Blossom (Blue Tort) Dam

Due March 23rd, 2021


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