May Udate!

Hey everyone, I wanted to take this time to update you on a couple of projects that we have going on around here. It's been a slow time with the jobs and careers, due to Covid-19 so I've taken this opportunity to finish some things( also start some new things).

First off Jason has finally come to the realization that the house needs a few updates itself. He's met with the contractor and had plans drawn up for a few renovations. The best part, we're getting a new bathroom!!!! I don't think you understand how amazing this is, seeing as how we don't even have an outlet in the current bathroom. a few other things such as a new roof and room addition. We have too much stuff and need the storage space that's for damn sure.


So my seedlings that I've started in early March are doing great. I actually thinned them out and planted a few in some pots out on the patio to get them acclimated to the weather. It was pretty chilly a few evenings this week but I believe in them. I've also done a ton of planting of perennials around the garden. I'm attempting to just absolutely fill it full this year so next year will be overabundant in ground coverage with less maintenance through the season. I've been fertilizing like crazy, literally every other day I've been dousing them. I use Jack's Blossom booster in the spring. It has done wonders for me in the past years and I highly recommend it. It helps promote amazing blooms throughout the entire flowering season. I miss mine up in a hose-end attachment and just let it do all of the work. Even if it has rained or is going to rain at some point in the day I still make sure to stay on this schedule. The plants get used to it and soak it up every time. Sometimes I use the rain to my advantage. I'll water before and the rain water helps push the fertilized water through the mulch even farther.

Roses are in the ground with fertilizer spikes. I've tried my hand at cabbage roses this year. I've tried it a few years ago but without success. Seeing as how I have so much free time right now, it gives me the opportunity to really watch them and see what I may be doing wrong. So far, very successful. I have a few planters up with some annuals in them, along with perennials. I don't see why you have to think that perennials should be in the ground and annuals in planters. When the warm months are over, I just simply place them in garden and fill the basket with something else next year. It's just been my thinking when I'm arranging pots. My mom to this day still has me come do her flower pots for some reason? I mean she's the one I learned all of this from?

The annuals I still have on the porch and covered, it's just not quite warm enough yet to have them out in the yard. Frost gets to them and just destroys them as we all know too well, plus I needed some color on the porch.. Duh? Eventually I'll have the yard covered in wave petunias. They love the heat and spread so quickly that it covers every little bare spot and dirt/ mulch. They're probably my absolute favorite. I feed them Jacks Petunia feed and they take off with this. I make sure to give them weekly trim ups along with monthly haircuts. Nervous to do this at first but it's worth it, they bounce back as if they've never even been touched. It also gives them a little energy kick to send out more shoots and be even fuller than before. I learned this trick from a local greenhouse, she has the most absolute beautiful hanging basket you've ever seen and beyond affordable! Check her out, Keller's Greenhouse!!! She's amazing!


We're patiently waiting on our first litter here. I've had multiple litters before just never had any here in Pleasantville. Aruba is doing so great and her baby bump is probably the cutest thing you've ever seen. All of the rabbits are warming up to us, not so much Ivan the German Shephard. He's just a little too "loving" for them and wants to play all of the time.

I'll keep you posted when the babies are here! I'm not sure if I'll be keeping any this round or not? But they'll be damn cute, that's for sure!!!


Okay this is where I need to inform you that puberty has hit our flock. We have 5 bantams, 2 of which have decided to show their asses and become a little annoying. Don't get me wrong, they're cute but...… They've found their voices. And I don't mean like oh they've got this cute little crow. No it's a full fledged BACAW outside the kitchen window. So Bantams are a miniaturized breed of chicken. They come in many of the same breeds as regular, just smaller and more compact. You can normally fit about 2 or 3 bantams in the same space as 1 or 2 regular chickens.

This guy is so precious! He is a Golden Sebrite Bantam. He's gentle and calm and doesn't really get into any type of trouble. He has absolute beautiful plumage when the sun is out and is such a gentleman to the ladies of the yard. He has 2 hens that match him so I'm thinking of taking them out and putting them in their own coop and run. This way they can possibly breed and produce more of the same without crossbreeding of the others. For now he's fine just guarding the flock and doing tiny rooster things. He's literally less than a foot tall. The hens are much brighter than he is, covered in gold feathers laced in black trim. They're so pretty. I'll attempt to post a picture of them, if they ever decided to cooperate.

Now for this asshole. He is a Buff Sebrite Bantam. Same as the other but just a white and golden/red coloring. He's cocky (no pun intended) arrogant, rude and enjoys the occasional Mexican standoff with several of the others. He never stops crowing, like he has no other voice to talk with. He jumps in the middle of the feed bowl and basically dares anyone to touch until he's done with it. A matching hen is in the coop with him as well so they will definitely be separated. He's going to cause so much drama with everyone. Not like Desperate housewives drama, I'm talking like this guy is going to end up on Cops one day. Honestly wouldn't put it past him to steal my car one day. He's already hidden the coop keys from me one morning! You'll notice that he doesn't have a good picture to post because he's just that much of a dick!

Pretty much this is how the past month has gone for us. Seems a little chaotic at times but with all of this free time, what else do I have to do. Sticking to my morning feeding rituals with everyone and fertilizing the gardens is basically on my agenda every day. If any of you have any questions on anything, please feel free to email me. I'm always looking for new project and ideas on what to post and what everyone is interested in seeing!

Until next time


The Little Happy Farm

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